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World of Turkish Fine Arts...
Jews in Istanbul; Dervishes; BashiBozouk... Click on images to view them in full size 
23rd-Sep-2005 06:36 pm

Charles Gleyre; Angelica

Theodore Chasseriau; Two Young Jewesses Rocking a Child

Jean-Leon Gerome; Whirling Dervishes {They're actually called Semazen;for their dance is called the Sema}

Jean-Leon Gerome; The Bashi-Bozouk Chieftain {BaşıBozuk is a curse word meaning a person or organisation which is not directed well or isn't organised. Here it is a chieftain of an Ottoman order}

Gerome again; here's a Bashibozuk seen singing&playing. I like this painting far better than the previous portrait.

All images from http://OrientalistArt.Net :) ♥
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